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Located in San Francisco, USA, this incredible penthouse offers a very retro design that fits very well with the structure of the overall building, with the tall ceilings, the arches and the columns.
The penthouse spreads out 3879 square feet, this apartment spreads over the entire twenty first floor of the building and is decorated in the Art Deco style that sprung during the interwar period. The penthouse has three bedrooms (all of them superb), three bathrooms, a powder room, one library, a dining room, a kitchen, a laundry room, and a sunroom along with two terraces that can host guests for a barbecue.

 The decorations are all exquisite and you can see several antique chandeliers, sconces and works of art and two classical white fireplaces that fit in with the predominant white walls of the chambers.

The living room and dining room are adorned with Versailles flooring to complete the French design of this royal abode. Offering something different from the modernism that we are used to, the penthouse is through this quite a breath of fresh air!

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