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Choosing Seattle lofts in the neighborhood of Queen Anne may be right up your alley. Seattle’s Queen Anne neighborhood is conveniently located near several of Seattle’s most popular attractions and has plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy. Queen Anne offers small town charm right in the middle of a big city. This “urban village” as it has affectionately been revered, offers about ten blocks of unique and interesting places to shop, as well. The sidewalks of Queen Anne are typically bustling day and night with residents and visitors alike.

If you’re still unsure about buying Seattle lofts in Queen Anne, consider this: year after year, Seattle Met Magazine ranks Queen Anne as one of the top ten neighborhoods to live in. The community is home to several of the oldest and most beautiful homes and other architectures. Neighborhoods so close to Seattle’s downtown, like Queen Anne, continue to experience steady growth, as young professionals opt to reside outside of the city but within a reasonably close distance. Another draw is the easy access to other neighborhoods nearby and to downtown, by means of public transportation or walking.
Discover the possibilities that Seattle lofts in Queen Anne have to offer for you. Contact the Stroupe Group to find listings and more details about the neighborhood today!

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