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Are you looking to renovate your bathroom this year? If so, then you might be thinking about looking at this year’s bathroom design trends. We’ve had a look through several expert opinions and found that nature and minimalism are the key terms going into 2016.

Ignoring the fact that nature and minimalism are always the best key terms in design, here’s a quick guide we hope will inspire you.

Introducing wood

Wood might seem like an odd element to use in your bathroom. But think about it. All beautiful, modern houses use a lot of wood in the design. Why not use it in the bathroom? And it’s not like wood doesn’t have a history of sanitation. You may link marble and ceramic with being easy to clean, but wood has many hygienic benefits. Did you know that wood has naturally antibacterial properties? It’s why it’s used so much in kitchens. The best chopping boards are all made of wood because the substance doesn’t harbour as much dangerous bacteria.

Nothing adds more colour and depth to a room than wood. The trick is to ensure it’s properly coated. This being your bathroom, after all, there will be a lot of moisture. You need a water-repelling coat, like a decorative oil.

Keeping it cool and calm

Minimalism is spoken about often around these parts. There’s nothing that helps you relax more than a minimalist design. Clutter, superfluity, mess - leave that for the outside world. People forget about this, but the bathroom is often a relaxing place. One of the main reasons is probably the lock on the door. It’s a room that becomes exclusively yours, if only fleetingly.

Minimalism works perfectly with wood or lightly coloured tiles. This fancy tile from Tilemarkets can bring forth the clean and relaxing vibes your bathroom needs.

Bringing in nature

Surely the running water of your shower would be perfectly complemented by bringing in more elements of nature? As mentioned before, wood is a great addition. If you’re looking to do some big renovation though, you might want to look into installing more windows. Bring in some more natural light.

If you have the space, bring in a plant. You want something simple. A garish bouquet of flowers won’t be appropriate. A simple green and white aesthetic will serve you well here. If you do want to be slightly more adventurous, you could consider getting a small citrus plant. They’re easier to maintain than you may think and grow beautifully indoors. Just make sure you have a lot of natural light in the room.

Putting function first

A beautiful design that doesn’t put function first isn’t a beautiful design at all. Usability is the most important thing about your bathroom. A single inconvenience can tarnish the entire thing. You may want the bathroom to be spacious, but if that means you’re installing a sink that’s too small, then you may want to rethink your priorities. And beautiful decorative materials won’t mean much if they can easily give way to damp. Remember the put function first and aesthetics second.

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