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Finding yourself locked out of your car is a nightmare, especially when you’re not only locked out, but your car keys are locked in as well! That’s a terrible, frustrating situation that so many of us have experienced at some point in time, but there are quite a few ways to retrieve car keys that have been locked inside a car, like the following five you’re advised to try next time you’re locked out! 

1. Call an Auto Locksmith

As most of us would struggle to retrieve keys in a car using a shoelace or another item (and who carries around a Slim Jim but a car thief anyway?), your best option here is to call an auto locksmith and have them retrieve your car keys for you. Action Lock are leading experts who can help you with all your auto locksmith needs, including retrieving car keys that have been locked inside the car.

This is also the best option because it’s the least likely to cause any damage to your car, which is something that you’ll need to consider if you’re going to try one of the other methods listed here. 

2. Use a Shoelace

As this method only works on locking mechanisms that unlock the door by pulling up the mechanism inside (vertical mechanisms), unless your car is at least twenty years old, this method, which was once the best method to use, won’t work at all. 

3. Use a Coat Hanger

Twist the coat hanger, insert it in the window and jiggle it around until you find the locking mechanism and can release it. Unlike the shoelace method, coat hangers work on locking mechanisms that are horizontal as well as vertical. 

4. Use a Rod and Screwdriver

Chances are you won’t have a rod and screwdriver on you unless you’re at home, but if you are, this is an easy method to use. However, you need to be very careful as you can damage the window and the door using this method if you’re not careful. 

5. Use a Slim Jim

Really, who carries a Slim Jim around? If you’re a car thief perhaps, but who else has one? You can, however, use something similar, like a long metal ruler or you can find a piece of steel around the same size and thickness. If you can find something suitable that resembles a Slim Jim, this could be the key that you’ve been looking for.

These are five ways to retrieve car keys that have been locked inside a car. While these are five of the best ways to open a car without the keys, most people will struggle to do so, and as that’s the case, the first method discussed, which was to call auto locksmiths in Perth and have a professional open your car, is your best option However, if you’re feeling lucky, you can try the other four, which were: use a shoelace, coat hanger, rod and screwdriver or a Slim Jim – if you have one handy!

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