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10 remarkable house designs in the previous year


New year is coming. Right now, it is the moment for us to relax and think about what did we do in this year. I also do.
Beside that I sit down and collect the most impressive project from this last year, selecting the ones that
are worth a revisit. I am pleased to bring to you these  amazing homes
presented by Architectism in 2014 and we begin our review with:
1. The Jeju Cocoon house by Planning Korea
A unique site such as the one on the UNESCO Heritage Island of Jeju,
South Korea required an unconventional design and this house takes its
inspiration from the volcanic land of the island, combining it with a
cocoon-like geometry for an impressive eco-friendly home.

2.  The Earth House Estate by Vetsch Architektur
Located in
Dietikon, Switzerland, the designer want to offer an alternative to the traditional housing solutions with a better
integration of the natural landscape into the project. Being located
below the ground level it becomes a part of the environment and the land
provides the natural insulation needed.

 3. Residence in Kallitechnoupolis by Tense Architecture Network
You might be think that concrete house is not adorable but this concrete shell of this building brings a contemporary architectural
contrast to the natural surroundings with an attempt to create ”the
maximum possible tension of the shell’s introvertedness” as the
designers put it, resulting in a very imposing and daring work.

 4.  The Mirror Houses by Peter Pichler ArchitectureLocated in Bolzano, Italy, this pair of residences is created for rental
and their design actually reflects the landscape of the Tyrolean
Dolomites with the vineyards nearby, taking the concept of integration
into nature to another level while still ensuring a stunning
contemporary interior.

 5.  The Zeb Pilot House by Snøhetta
Located in Larvik, Norway, this project was created through the
collaboration with SINTEF, ZEB, Brodrene Dahl and Optimera for a zero
emissions residence that acts as a home as well as a demonstration
platform. The prototype is extremely modern and aside from its
sustainable qualities, which are abundant, it also features a truly
elegant contemporary design which we just adore.

6. Villa Freundorf by Project A01 ArchitectsThe villa imposes its presence with its complex geometry but the tones
of white make it subtle enough not to disturb the landscape but instead
standing as a majestic landmark above it. The hillside is in a region
near Vienna, Austria with a serene setting that is ideal for a family
retreat, so the designers put all their talent to use when creating this
balanced structure with sculptural features.

Although older, this house is still as impressive today as it was in the
year it was completed due to the original way in which it communicates
with the rocky landscape of Joshua Tree, California. The other ingenious
part of the design is the stunning interior which combines an abundance
of textures and natural materials for a cozy, organic ambiance

 8. Innie & Outie by William O’Brien Jr. Architects

9. House in Somosaguas by A-cero

 10. . The 18.36.54 House by Daniel Liebeskind
This is the one work
bringing the deconstructivist aesthetic to a new height in a setting
surrounded by ancient oak trees and the serene landscape of Connecticut.
Instead of opting for a cabin-like structure, this residence breaks the
standards of what modern living should look like and was designed with
extreme care to all of its details, making it a true work of art.

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