Home Decorating Ideas 5 awesome plants will be excellent in a freshly painted home

5 awesome plants will be excellent in a freshly painted home


Plant is not only used to decorate home interior but also filter and purify the air around us. It is the fact that interior designers have been using potted plants to liven up homes for several years. If you want to start enjoying cleaner air in your home, here are some suggested plants that you can use to decorate the interiors and purify the air in your home.

 1. Orchids

Most of us thinks believe that orchids are difficult to grow but the exact
opposite is true. To enjoy these awesome indoor plants, you just need to
prepare a place with minimal sunlight and moisture. They are very effective in
getting rid of xylene. Xylene is present in most paints and glues. So this
plant will be excellent in a freshly painted home.

2. Palm

Decorating house with Palm is so popular. The Areca palm is
well known indoor plant. It is also called butterfly or yellow palm. It is easy
to grow and it releases a generous amount of moisture into the air. It thrives
best in direct sunlight and it is an excellent choice for removing toxins such
as benzene and carbon monoxide

3.  Ficus Alli

Ficus Alli is now a very popular indoor plant. This is because its
slim dark green leaves give it a very attractive look. It is a potent
air purifier; it grows easily and offers strong resistance to insects.
This makes it a great choice for your home or office. However just like
other species in the ficus family, you should expect some leaves to drop
off until the plant has adapted to its new environment.

4. Boston Fern 

Ferns are historic plants. They have been seen in fossils that date back to the prehistoric age. The Boston Fern is grown basically for its foliage; it does not produce any flowers. You can use it as an attractive decoration by placing them in a hanging basket. This plant requires frequent watering else the leaves will turn brown very quickly and start dropping off. It improves air humidity and gets rid of pollutants like formaldehyde, toulene and xylene. It requires medium sunlight.

5. Peace Lily 

Peace Lily is an exceptional foliage plant. This plant produces attractive white flowers. It has a very high transpiration rate and it thrives in a well watered environment. Peace Lily is good for removing toxic substances like formaldehyde, benzene, acetone and alcohol. It thrives best in low to medium sunlight and should not be exposed to the bright light from your window.