Home Apartments A design for a single family in Vancouver, Canada

A design for a single family in Vancouver, Canada


Located in Vancouver, Canada, this house was created for a single family with contemporary style spreading over three floors on a sloping site that
has a focus on the connection with the outdoors through the double
height spaces in the central living area.
This house named the Groveland House and designed by the architect Mcleod Bovell. The upper level has a green area next to the swimming pool and the
middle floor is dedicated to the entertainment section with a view of
the natural bedrock on the ground floor. The open layout expands the
house through the double height spaces which interact with a large roof
plane acting as a deep cover for the outdoor spaces as well.

The rooftop acts as a terrace with outdoor seating areas placed next to the fireplaces for a cozy ambiance even during the nighttime and there is a small pool here with a view of the main swimming pool set on the ground floor terrace

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