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A history resort with a new wooden landscape in the Black Forest


With the aim of updating the history resort in the Black Forest
with a new wooden landscape as well as a more contemporary outdoor pool,
terraces, saunas and a great view of the valley, Kauffmann Theilig & Partner,
Freie Architekten BDA had designed this architecture.
It is named  the Palais Thermal located in Kurplatz, Bad Wildbad, Germany. The thermal spring facilities are some of the most important
touristic elements in the area but they needed a review since there is
an inoperative terraced sanatorium, a bath hotel with a spa plaza and
the needed administrative buildings in the area.

The outdoor areas on the second and third level of the sanatorium were renovated for the use of the spa area with open staircases and an elevator added to connect the courtyard of the historic structure with the terraces. The north side has a translucent membrane spanning to protect the privacy of the users from the views coming from the nearby hotel and this also acts as a frame for the view of the south and east.

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