Home Apartments A home design from Wolverdge Architects with grass and pool

A home design from Wolverdge Architects with grass and pool


A home with swimming pool and a grass over is one of choices for many people. The home below is what the designer calls “a series of interconnected pavilions,”.

With 1600 sq. ft Dune House is an example of linear space and interaction from Australia’s Wolverdge Architects. At the center is the living room and kitchen, heavy timber frames the main living area at the street façade, its framework an effective support and backdrop for greenery that’s intended to help abate the western sun’s heat. This house is also bathed in sunlight — and light is an ever-present element in the neutral décor scheme — it’s also filled with ample opportunities for cross-ventilation, not to mention surrounding a very inviting pool! The pool is a bit of a surprise at first; it looks like a water feature that’s nothing more than visual interest. Water in the pool is not just recreational here, but it’s also functional, an architectural element that separates bedrooms from entertaining and social spaces. It’s also part of the scenery from the main living room, as is a smaller lawn area that connects both the living room and a small study to the outdoors.