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A quick look to a sleek contemporary and generously-sized terrace house by AE5 partners


AE5 partners had designed apartment T stand out by a sleek contemporary look and a generously-sized
terrace, which can be used as extra living space.“Looking onto
the terrace from all the rooms, the view is always focused on one of the
vertical garden modules, arranged in a strict geometric pattern based
on the 1 +1 +2 form, perfectly mirroring the apertures in the large
brick wall. At all times of year there will be certain plants in bloom;
the color of the blooms has been selected to ensure a precise chromatic
compositional order.” A green wall at every turn makes this place feel
rejuvenating and aesthetically appealing.

Teak flooring throughout contribute to the an overall visual harmony. Architect said about furniture: “The
two islands forming the complex control station in the living room are
transformed into two metaphysical rectangular volumes embedded in the
wall. The hood over the stove in the kitchen departs from a horizontal
surface much like a submarine telescope. The only elements that do not
comply with this plan are the two solid teak tables that can be combined
and moved to any part of the house and the large library with its
circular portholes that give a touch of color to the long corridor.” The
jacuzzi on the terrace can be used all year-long, due to special
heating systems embedded in its design.