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A semi-submerged resort project planed for a projected marine area Qata


Designed by the Italian architectural firm GZDG (Giancarlo Zema
Design Group, Amphibious 1000 is a semi-submerged resort project planed for a projected marine area on the coast of Qata.
The resort will be divided into two sections of land and
sea and will feature residential buildings as well, offices, a central
marine park, floating waterways and underwater marine galleries that all
form a semi circle around a central tower that will host a panoramic

The resort would be like a large aquatic creature that
stretches right into the sea with the sea section featuring semi
emerged hotels resembling anchored superyachts. Each of these hotels
will have 75 luxury suites positioned around the perimeter of the
building with access to private terraces and underwater passageways with
views of the central marine park that connect the hotel rooms.
main lobby of the resort will be focused around an interactive sea life
museum featuring water exhibitions galleries, large aquariums and a
glass passageway leading to the underwater observatory. Guests could
travel around the resort in electric vehicles or could jump on board of
one of the 20 meter aluminum yachts with hydrogen engines and underwater
viewing globes.

Amphibious 1000 will also feature 80 floating
suites called “Jelly-fish” with underwater viewing decks looking upon an
artificial reef bed. A relaxation room will sit at the very top of the
suite at 5.6 meters above sea levels and at 3.5 meters above sea levels
the sleeping quarters and bathrooms will be. At 1.4 meters the area is
for daytime use with a kitchen and bathroom and heading below deck and
semi submerged at 0.8 above sea level the guest rooms and bathrooms will
be. At 3 meters below sea level guests could enjoy their own private
aquarium lounge.

The Italian architecture company Giancarlo Zema
Design Group is based in Rome and specializes in designing semi
submerged structures, houseboats and yachts.

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