Home Hotels & Resorts Admiring luxurious suite features of the Hotel Majestic

Admiring luxurious suite features of the Hotel Majestic


The collaboration between the Kirei Studio and
Christian Dior has created a work with luxurious suite features the Hotel Majestic. This hotel located in Cannes, France. All of its inside from furniture, interior, arrangement is custom-made for a perfect
ambiance that defines the ethos and taste of the Dior Suite.

The suite spreads over a surface of 400 square meters with an
entrance that serves as a home cinema and continues to the living room.
The flooring combines stone with Hungarian wood and the living room has a
large Dior grey curtain with red piping and charcoal panels to add a
dark tone to this space. The sofas act as transition spaces between the
dark walls and white ceiling with several red Dior cushions interacting
with the curtains.

The stylish furniture dates from the XVIII century and the Louis XVI
medallion chairs are combined with contemporary pieces from Nathalie
Ryan that are covered in bronze and wood with rich fabrics such as
velvet or silk.