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All Cool Homes Need These 7 Things…


If you want to make your home truly cool and unique, then there are a few specific things you should have included in your decor. Nothing makes a home look cooler than the following 7 elements:

A Big Bath Tub

All cool homes need a big bath tub. The bigger, the better. Nobody wants to bathe in a cramped tub, so make sure you have one the size of a jacuzzi! You could even add jacuzzi elements, such as massaging water jets. You’ll feel so relaxed afterwards!

A Bed With Hidden Storage

If you’re sick of trying to find places to keep your junk, worry no more. You can just keep it under the bed! However, you’ll fool all of your visitors, as none of them will be able to see it. All you need to do is flip your bed up, and you can pop any items you want to keep for later under there. A great way to save space and keep your things safe.

A Bean Bag

Who doesn’t love a big, comfy bean bag chair? This is a great place to sit and read a book, watch TV, or even have a nap. Much comfier than standard chairs and sofas, you can just sink into one of these and say goodbye to all of your troubles.

An Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor living area is the perfect place to relax and entertain. When the weather is nice, what could be better than going to relax in an outside living room? Your friends will love it too! I’m not talking about a standard table and chairs set. No, I mean a full on comfortable seating area, complete with coffee tables, mirrors, and perhaps even a fireplace. Look on Pinterest for inspiration.

A Walk In Wardrobe

Little, cramped wardrobes are so last year. You can’t even see everything you have on display, as things get hidden by larger garments. With a walk in wardrobe, you have plenty of space to keep clothes and shoes, and you can even create an area where you can get changed and put on your makeup.

A Huge TV

Watching all of your favourite TV shows on a huge screen means you’ll never miss a second of action. If you can afford one big enough, you could even create a home cinema style set up! Just be warned, you’ll never get rid of your friends.

A Skylight

A skylight is a magical addition to any bedroom. What could be more relaxing than lying on your bed, and staring up at the moon and stars? You may even be able to see beautiful views in the distance. Just imagine what it would be like in a thunderstorm? This is better viewing than any TV channel! Find more fantastic bedroom decor ideas here.

Do you agree with these 7 elements? Would you have them in your home? I know I would! If you could only have 1 element, which one would you choose? Leave a comment with your thoughts. Thanks!