Home Apartments An ideal beach side home for your old years

An ideal beach side home for your old years


It is  an ideal home which is near the beach side when you retire and spend your golden years in this.
Luckily, the architects at Rolf Ockert Design had worked to make this dream come true. This home located in Australia.Overlooking the ocean, this house was designed to feel like a vacation
home despite its status as a primary residence. From the angular
exterior to the sleek furnishings and luxurious backyard, it is a dreamy
space that feels like endless summer.

The exterior with its stacked levels and warm wood is modern without any of the minimalist
foreboding that can imply. A second level deck complete with its own
open skylight is a fun and relaxing space to enjoy morning coffee or
evening cocktails.

The interior is on trend with plenty of clean lines and cozy neutrals
without getting too trendy and thereby veering away from the timeless.
Instead, linens and earth tones keep things warm and perfect all year
round, not betraying any generational preferences or quirks.