Home Office Designs An open space and vivid tones compliment for an office

An open space and vivid tones compliment for an office


The Learning Centre is the department of an international phone
company located in Bucharest, Romania and the project was designed by
the Pavoni Studio converting a residential area into a learning complex
set around a central pole which is in the shape of an orange box meeting

The purpose of the project defines the interior, so communication is
the core theme of the space whatever the shape it takes, virtual or face
to face. The urban setting has a neutral background with vivid tones
complementing it and the glossy materials were combined with natural
textures for a cozy but modern setting.

 The open layout and the writable surfaces all around promote an
interactive environment with the installations, graphic design and
decorative walls all made specifically for the project by Miruna Pavoni
to bring out the theme of communication and the urban landscape with its
constant noises but also with the opportunity of always being in
contact with fresh ideas.