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Apartment interiors design by Staffan Tollgard


In this living space by Staffan Tollgard, you will have chance to view a genuine bachelor pad put together in a penthouse dream version. It’s a quality, sleek, well-designed penthouse with refined décor in muted tones. Besides hip, cool, bohemian this house is also conventional. Each piece of furniture sets stately in its own private space, yet every piece fits together. The combination of styles, shades, and silhouettes complement each other flawlessly. The interesting combination of steel-gray and cobalt-blue creates a depth and texture to the ambiance of the living space. The steel-grey theme is displayed throughout the space with hints of soft tones in brown shades. Half-circled coffee tables, metal supported marble side-sofa tables, plush grey carpeting all complement a textured wall backdrop and neutral toned draped curtains.

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