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Beautiful bedroom decoration ideas


Bedroom is the most private space in your house. It is the place for you take a relaxing after a busy day. The bedroom is also one area of the house where you can truly express your design style and decorating taste without any inhibitions.
It is a personal sanctuary where your favorite shades, patterns and styles come together to create a serene yet stylish hub. The idea of creating a feminine bedroom has less to do with its occupants and is more about the color scheme, decor and the overall ambiance of the room. While we recently flipped through some stunning masculine bedrooms, today we take a look at some gorgeous bedrooms that exude a feminine vibe.

While masculine bedrooms come with rigid, straight lines, typically stoic hues such as gray, black and brown, and decor that does away with the unnecessary frills, feminine bedrooms take the opposite approach. With soft pastel backdrops, rich accent shades, floral patterns and plush textures, feminine bedrooms personify elegance and a sense of gentleness.