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Beautiful interior apartment design in Australia


Completed in 2011 by Techne Architects, Fitzroy House is
a spectacular harmonious dream home integrating artworks and other
personal items with sentimental value into a design that exudes boldness
and character.
The owners, a young family from Fitzroy, Australia, were
looking to refresh some aspects of their life, so they started with
remodelling and enhancing their house. Placed at the intersection of old
and new, the venue comprises areas for for living, social interaction
and working.

 Built behind the heritage façade of a landmark property in
Melbourne’s Fitzroy, this project retains and restores the original
frontage while adding a rear addition with three levels of new living
space. Conceptually, the design deals with the intersection of the old
and the new through differing modes of visual connection and threshold.”
Three levels of new living spaces were added. Regular windows
were replaced with glass panels to allow more sun and warmth inside the
house. Playfulness, vitality and colours started contaminating the
entire house. Many layers of the house were engulfed by the modern
add-ons. New fabrics and textures enhance coziness throughout the house.