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Bright and spacious apartment interior design


This spacious house is an work of Anna Erman. It has big windows and almost all almost all walls painted white so it looks even bigger and brighter.

It has one suite with private bathroom and dressing room, all in-one kitchen-living-dining room, a second bathroom and a covered balcony.The interior design combines a minimal and modern loft-like distribution with some vintage elements and some furniture pieces made up of recycled materials which give it an authentic and artistic touch. While the main lighting appliances are cold and industrial, type-like according to the modern interior design the selective accessories and furniture turn the space into a cosy home. Colors come with the details and decorative items which are carefully distributed throughout the different space.

The kitchen is opened to the living-dining room and is provided with an
original pallet and metal central piece to store dinnerware and a blue SMEG
fridge combining the hand-made artistic feel with the 50’s retro highlight.A colorful carpet breaks the white floor and serves as a separation between the
kitchen and the living room, where a projector screen is hanged against a red
brick wall. Wooden furniture, oriental decorative items and two vintage trunk
contrast with the high-tech audiovisual installation.