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Brighting, moderning and amazing house interior


A charming and welcoming apartment is the object we would like to introduce today. It is considered as a spacious, bright, modern house with an art deco antique type flair.
With modern furniture are mixed and matched in harmony way from color to textures has make this home much bright, modern and luxurious. White painted wooden floors extend the space and add to the brightness and beauty of each part of the living space. The floor to ceiling doors in the dining area are works of art in themselves. The distressed effect on the door’s surface is unique and works well with the overall décor and ambiance of the room.

 The space is beautifully managed. Each room allows one to glide from one room to the next without interruption. For example, the living room area can be easily viewed from two rooms away. The very long cushiony grayish sofa with colorful printed throw pillows gives the room the right type of relaxing vibe. It’s simple décor that’s functional and practical. The walls and ceiling are left to themselves with only a pinch of adornment. Large windows radiate the rooms with wonderful natural lighting and a certain glow throughout the space. It seems fresh and light. A very happy space with little to disturb its tranquility