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Contemporary Aparment for the family designed by GAS


Youthful ad whimsical place are impression of mine at first glance at this Moscow apartment. This house is an design of Moldovan design firm GAS ( Grosu Art Studio).
There’s great in combination between sleek neutral of white, charcoal, and deep brown, and the open plan, combined with contemporary fixtures and plenty of storage, is both practical and serene at once. Shining modern chandeliers above the dining table are pure elegance, while the table and chairs are easy-care; the streamlined galley-style kitchen is handy for any cook, with its openness to the living room area allowing for ease of entertaining and conversation anytime. Then, you come to what is clearly a child’s room…and the mood lightens even more.

 The walls are lined with shelves and storage, here in matching orange,
and mirrors expand the space visually at the same time they reflect the
natural light. The master bedroom, by contrast, hits a sophisticated
note: wall art shows a figure with formal black gloves, the abstract the
sole piece of art in the room and one that sets the black, white, and
brown-gray color scheme. Still, creature comforts aren’t forgotten here,
with a plush off-white shag rug underfoot and good reading lamps on the
bedside tables. Clean-lined and modern, with comfort at its core:
that’s this Moscow space by Grosu Art Studio.

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