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Contemporary house design of Arcadian Architecture + Design


Designed in 2013 by the the practice of Arcadian Architecture + Design, Casa De Flore is located in Taipei City, Taiwan as a contemporary structure with a recessed area toward the road for the parking space and a terraced landscape.
The house has a low profile and enclosed geometry on the frontal façade to protect the inhabitants from the noise and views of the road and there are different angles that create a sculptural rectangle frame on this side. The attention of the passers-by is drawn by the transparent glass box that extends from the rectangle frame and acts as a source of light for the interior.

The center of the home is occupied by a pebble courtyard with a single plant bringing a peaceful touch of nature into this area. The functional areas are spread around the courtyard with a large reception table on one side and three meeting rooms divided by shelves.

A lounge zone is separated from the meeting areas through sliding doors and it provides a view toward the outdoors, while the rear of the courtyard hosts a temporary residential unit with living room, dining room, study and bedroom for display.