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Dark living rooms with dramatic walls


Living room is the common place for common activities. It is also a place for you, family members and friend sit together and enjoy entertainment.
We often think that we should make living room bright in color and furniture but in fact, dark walls can bring a deep feeling of comfort in your living room and even give it a dramatic flair. In case you would like to make a statement in your living room, then you should consider coating them in a rich dark hue. There are plenty of ways which you can achieve a personal tastes and preferences living room.

For one, you can give your interior living room a twist of lime by having chocolate brown walls. This adds a deep feeling of warmth to your room and with a white crown molding breaks up the rich dark wall color.

The color purple adds a touch of glamour to your living room. Having large white patches on the molding and some artwork on the wall breaks up the color and red accents brings out the red undertones of the purple hue.
Dark colors are great in living rooms which are bathed in light all through
the day.

A basic black is also great for adding drama to the living room. Having the walls painted black in addition to vintage art adds personality. Other colors can also be added in the decoration in order to prevent the room from becoming depressing. Large mirrors and white crown molding also makes the room seem bigger by reflecting the light.

Small rooms make a perfect space to play around with dark colors. Walls that are chocolate-brown in color can be accented with white furniture and plenty of light in order to make the colors less intense. This means that dark walls can come in handy in any living room regardless of the size

White spaces make it easy for the eye.

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