Home Architecture Design of a sport center Jules Ladoumegue in Paris

Design of a sport center Jules Ladoumegue in Paris


The Sport Centre Jules Ladoumegue located in Paris, France was
designed by the practice of Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes in 2014 and
it updates parts of the former stadium with a maintenance center and a
new space for sport activities added to allow it to become a
multifunctional venue.

There are fields for soccer and rugby on the rooftop of the
maintenance center and six covered tennis courts define the acoustic
barrier to separate the areas from the urban bustle. The new building is
on Route des Petits Ponts and it contains rooms spread over four floors
with a new entrance to the site that is connected to the new tramway

The large structure had to be integrated into the urban landscape and
act as a gateway connecting Paris and its outskirts so the Pagode style
was chosen on one of the sides with a transparent and light
contemporary style on the other. There are two public squares and a
monumental staircase leading to the sport fields on the upper floors
with a north opening that provides a great view of the Ourcq canal.