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Easy Refurb Tips That Can Improve the Look of Your Home


Even when you have spent time redesigning your home, there can be little things that can add a touch of warmth or practicality to it. You have picked out the right colors, chosen fabrics that go well together and even selected nice furniture. However, there may be other things that you need to add. Maybe some home touches that can bring it to life? Here are some simple ways that you can make your home décor even better.

Adding Corner Shelves

When you think about adding storage, you can sometimes miss an area that doesn’t get considered. By adding corner shelves, you are using a dead space that many rooms have, and you are freeing up space elsewhere. You can use shelves that run around the corner of the wall, or those that sit like a semi-circle in the corner. It all depends on how much space you need and the area of the wall you have available.

Family Pictures

Adding pictures of your family can instantly make a room feel more like a home. It doesn’t mean that you have to have shelves of pictures lined up, in fact, you should make your family pictures stand out. Try adding pictures to different style frames to make them individual; you can even repaint them to match your décor. You can even get creative with the way you present your family photos. You can try creating a collage of all your family members and fitting that into a frame. You can get an easy to use collage maker from Adobe Sparks; it will let you add what you want and help you design it.

Add Lighting

You can create amazing looks just be altering the lighting in a room. Instead of having one main light, think about adding some side lamps or some under shelf lighting. You can use the same techniques in every room so that the atmosphere is continued throughout the house. If you have a smart hub, you can even control the lights in each room depending on what you’re doing. You can have them bright if you are reading, or softer for when you want to relax.

Use Natural Light

As well as adding additional lighting, you also need to make the most of the natural light you have. Try not to place furniture against the windows where they can block out the light. You can also change the curtains in the summer to lighter and less bulky curtains so that the light can shine through. It is especially important in rooms where you have chosen a darker color for the décor because you won’t get as much reflected light. Mirrors are also a good way to reflect the light and make the room seem bigger.

If you add these simple techniques, you can quickly transform your home into something even better. You will also have a family feel to it with all of the pictures; you can also add your child’s favourite artwork as well.