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Elegant and charming Bedroom decorated with white and gold


You might have experienced the unique of using white and gold palette if you have ever designed a room with them.
Here is a beautiful example of a thoughtful combination of white and
gold. In this lovely looking bedroom, you can see how these two colors
have been used to create a warm, cozy and relaxing effect. This is an
inviting and feminine enclosure that has been designed to help you have a
refreshing night rest. The walls are decorated with calm white wall
paper. The white headboard has a nicely crafted bookshelf inside it.
Just beside the bed, you can see a simple but elegant white table with
thin golden legs. This side table could be a nice place for you to place
your golden tea cup. The pendant lamp above the side table provides
additional lighting for reading. But the incandescent glow also creates a
subtle shade of gold on the wall. Enjoy!

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