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Elegant and luxurious hotel by Studio Ory


The hotel Sezz commits to satisfy all the need of customer by their best service. This hotel is not only famous with the perfect service but also the stunning in the design.
Studio Ory takes responsible for design Sezz hotel and it might be suitable for the guest who want to stay in elegant and luxurious space but friendly with environment through several ecological additions.

 The starting point was the ruin of a 3 star hotel which was completely transformed through the vision of Jean-Jacques Ory into a haven of relaxation that carries his signature throughout. The hotel presents itself as a kindred spirit of the Hotel Sezz in the 16th Arrondissement in Paris and the new representation is one that adapts to the climate, both geographical and cultural, to provide a Provencal equivalent.

 There are 37 guestrooms, suites and villas that maintain the main motif but still try to surprise the residents with unique elements and the palette is comprised of golden tones through the linens and red on the lighting to offer a bit of difference from the green provided by the luxuriant vegetation.
The public spaces are located in the main entrance of the building and beyond the large reception the Dom Perignon bar and the restaurant can be found. These were constructed with pale grey sandstone from local sources and these are embossed with cement and aged wood to offer a signature Pillet theme.

The spa was designed together with Payot and it also incorporates Provencal elements such as aged wood, American walnut, solid oak and sandstone tiling. The exterior features a lot of vegetation and swimming pools with large terraces that invite you to stretch out and relax.

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