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Exclusive Garden Design Features For Entertaining


Garden design isn’t what it used to be only a couple of decades ago. People expect more from their outdoor spaces these days. No longer is a sun lounger enough to satisfy the needs of those who live a modern lifestyle. Perhaps it is the garden makeover shows on television that make us want more. After all, they showed us what is possible out there if we put our minds to it.

The social aspect is a vital consideration in the garden these days, and if you are to have people over for a glass of wine, you must create pleasant surroundings. If you want to go one step further, here are some exclusive garden design features for entertaining.


Treat your friends to a steam clean when they come over to visit. A sauna is something that you either love or hate. There are people who can’t stand the heat for more than a minute, and there are those who like nothing more than to spend a couple of hours cleaning out the pores in their skin. Modern saunas are high-class, quality buildings that will suit any garden. They are not the rickety old sheds you might imagine. You can expect to pay a few thousand pounds for one these days, which is reasonable, in my opinion.


You could be the only house in the neighbourhood capable of holding a sophisticated pool party if you fit a swimming pool. The fibreglass pool cost is probably less than you think, and it only takes a few days to install. The days of endless contractors trucking in lorry loads of concrete are over. Modern manufacturing and installation methods mean that the pool will go in quickly and efficiently.

There are many stunning pool enclosures on the marker too. All you have to do is prepare a base for one, and the suppliers will install it with no fuss. Lots of people can’t use their pool for a significant proportion of the year because of the weather. You can use an indoor pool whatever is happening outside. If you install one, you might find you have more visitors than you did before.

Outdoor Bar

Whether you build one yourself or buy one, an outdoor bar is an essential feature for adult gatherings. Perhaps you should also learn to mix exotic cocktails to astound your friends. A bar without much stock looks attractive, so buy plenty of booze and soft drinks to fill it. It should also feature a refrigerator; nobody likes warm drinks at a party.

Seating Area

You have a wide choice of materials to use for a patient. Maybe you will extend decking from the seating area all the way around the pool. That would look stunning, and it would unite the garden features. Other materials to consider are natural stone slabs, slate, or aggregate chippings. Be careful with aggregates; they look fantastic when they are new, but after a couple of years they sometimes become dirty and unattractive.

As you can see, it may not be cheap but you can have a fantastic garden with many high-quality features. Your home will become known as party central in the local community, and you will make many new friends. You may think that is a bit cynical, but it is true nonetheless. One thing is for sure; you will enjoy your garden for decades to come.