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Fabulous design from the staircase specialists Bisca


A client want to renovate a rambling stone-buit farmhouse deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, Northern England so the approach the staircase specialists Bisca
Integral to this conversion was the replacement of the staircase and the
opening up of the ground floor. This area originally featured a timber
structure that sat awkwardly in its space, with very low head heights
and in a style that was too opulent for its surroundings. Replacing this
staircase would prove to be key to modernizing the interior since a new
design would allow much more light into ground level with its single
small window.

 To link the ground to first and first to second floors, an
industrial-looking staircase was requested which needed to incorporate a
floor-to-ceiling bookcase. Natural materials were chosen for the
design, such as pale English Oak for the treads and risers, forge-formed
steel for the balustrade uprights and hand-stitched leather for the
handrails. Flowing continuously from ground to second floor, the
balustrades curve subtly whilst the newel has bright highlights in the
burnished finish that give the illusion of having been created by
generations of hands passing up the staircase

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