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Fabulous headquarter office design of the international law firm


The headquarter office design of international law firm office named the Miranda Law Firm was designed by the Rita Pinto Ribeiro architectural
practice in 2014.
This headquarter is located in an iconic office buildings of
Lisbon, Portugal. this office is the incoporation of meeting rooms, an auditorium and an outdoor patio that can
serve as a group office or lounge area.
The Miranda Law Firm office designed is spread
over four floors with a surface of 1000 square meters each and the arc
shape of the building plan is emphasized by niches for the double
pivoting doors that connect the corridors, offices and meeting rooms.

main entrance begins in the building’s atrium at the ground floor and
it leads to the meeting rooms for the clients, the council room, the
library and some of the offices, each area maintaining a visual
connection with a green lawn and the palace nearby. An elliptical
staircase is the access route for the upper floors and it leads to the
foyer and auditorium as well as to the cafeteria and patio.

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