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Feeling Chilly? Check Out These Top Design Tips For a Warm and Cozy Home


One of the top priorities for people moving house is making their new home feel more homely. They don’t want to move in and feel like they’re living in a cold and empty house that doesn’t belong to them. Some people like crisp, modern decor, but for others a light and monochrome color palette is too impersonal. There are lots of design tips you can follow to help make your new house, or your old house, look and feel more warm and friendly. You can first make your home physically warmer through your heating system. And you can also use the right colors and furniture choices to create a cozy, homely place to live in.
Assess Your Heating System

Before making any design choices, you should create a space that feels physically warmer. Do so by installing an efficient heating system. A warm color scheme won’t be much help if your house is freezing all through the winter. Choose a heating system that is energy-efficient. Doing this means that you can use your heating more, without worrying about wasting energy and money. For example, you might choose ductless heat pump installations in Halifax. You will find that your energy-efficient system saves you money and heats your home comfortably.

Color Choices

Your color choices will have a big impact on how warm and cozy your home feels. An all-white room will feel cold and empty. This is especially true if it’s spacious and features light-colored furniture too. Darker colors will feel much warmer than lighter ones, but that doesn’t mean you should always pick dark over light. Various shades of brown are great for creating a cozy feel, along with dark reds, greens and blues. Darker colors will help if you want to make a large room seem less spacious and airy. But you can use lighter shades too, as long as you combine them with darker colors.


Patterns and designs on your furniture, walls and upholstery can make your rooms feel much warmer. A patterned wallpaper will take away the feeling of the wall being a blank expanse that makes the room feel empty. Patterned cushions and throws make it look like you have decorated for winter, just waiting for someone to come and curl up with a good book. Use darker accent colors and try to restrain your use of patterns, so they don’t completely take over the room.


When you choose your furniture, think about how big the room you’re decorating is. You don’t want to fill a large room with small pieces of furniture and have lots of floor space left over. Doing so will make your room feel empty and won’t get you the warm feeling you want. You don’t have to choose to put in more furniture because you can use larger pieces of furniture instead. Soft and comfortable pieces will work better over hard lines and modern designs. So focus on comfortable seating in your living room.

After you’ve made sure your heating is up to scratch and redecorated your house, you’ll feel much more at home.