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Four Steps For Starting A Renovation Project In London Ontario


While a renovation project is a difficult and oftentimes stressful endeavour for a homeowner to go through, it can be equally difficult and stressful for the experts working on the house. In order for the renovation project in London to go as well as possible, the project manager should do these four steps before any actual construction goes underway.

  1. Talk To The Client About Their Priorities

It is likely that the client has overestimated the number of tasks that they can afford, especially if they don’t account for hidden home improvement disasters—for example when breaking down walls builders often find mould, which adds to the budget. Discuss their task-list to see which renovations are thehighest priorities and which renovations can be removed for the sake of the budget.

  1. Assemble The Right Team

Your team needs to be built to respond to the renovation tasks — you don’t want to have a small number of workers if you have a long list of tasks and a large property to deal with. When assembling your team, remember to hire contractors that have good reputations within the industry, because their actions will reflect on your own reputation.

  1. Trust In Local Suppliers

A supplier from the area will be heavily invested in providing excellent products and services because their workdirectly impacts their community and customer-base.A local supplier can also deliver their products as soon as possible, so that your team can get their materials for the day of installation or construction. For example, if you need a local window and door manufacturer for your renovation, you should search for one in the London area. One experienced local manufacturer and supplier is Golden Windows, which has been in business for over fifty years. Golden Windows has a showroom that project managers or team members can visit to discuss their best options with the staff.

  1. Don’t Let The Client Take Over

A client might try to give you their own renovating tips, asking you to cut corners, ignore codes or do tasks in the wrong order to help save them money or get the job done faster. You need to kindly but firmly remind them of your expertise and let them know that they should have full confidence in your process. If the client doesn’t understand, politely explain why their tips are unsafe, unwise or illegal.

If you are a project manager, you should talk to your client about their priorities for their task list, before you assemble the right team for the job. You should take advantage of local suppliers in London to get the renovation materials that you need. And as much as you should aim to please your client, you will need to assure them that your experience in the industry will get them the best results. If a project manager follows all four of these essential steps, they can start the renovation process on the right track.