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Get the Most Out of Your Bathroom Remodelling Contractor


Finding a bathroom remodelling contractor that thinks outside the box and produces something individual and outstanding is not easy. Here we’ve compiled some insider tips so you can sift the good from the bad.

1. Ask to see some examples of work – You’ll be able to judge their creativity, get some great bathroom ideas, and know the standard of work you can expect. You can also see if they have worked on a similar project before.

2. Reputation and review – Look up reviews, check recommendations, and assess the reputation of your bathroom remodelling contractor.

3. It’s the small things – Consider how fast the company gets back to you, how open communication is, how long they have been in business, and how you feel about the customer service.

4. Get a vision – Ask for a plan of your potential bathroom, both blueprints and a sketch or 3D walk-through. This way there is no grey area in design and expectations are clear.

5. Are they legitimate – Make sure your bathroom remodelling contractor has all of the necessary qualifications, experience, insurances, and licenses to work in your area and on your bathroom. Sometimes looking local can be a great idea for these exact reasons.

6. Make it official – Your relationship with your contractor should be transparent. There should be a contract in place with a clear timeline, plans, expectations, and costs once you make your choice.

Choosing a good contractor is imperative to your bathroom remodelling experience. Your chosen contractor will be with you from start to finish so you need to feel you have 100% trust in them. If you’d like to come up with concepts for your next bathroom remodelling job, check out this bathrooms page to find some great ideas and products.

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