Home Apartments Great house in the New York, USA

Great house in the New York, USA


The State Street Townhouse by architects and owners Christine and Ben Hansen is an intriguing mix of old and new.
This house is located in New York, USA,
inspires openness and light throughout, as well as a great connection
to the outdoors. The backyard, complete with swings and barbecue area
contributes to a healthy and relaxing lifestyle. Step inside and you
will be greeted by charming interiors, filled with color and character.

The architects said that the custom kitchen, “complete with Flavor
Paper wallpaper, feels traditionally modern while retaining a bit of
Brooklyn grit. Upstairs, the couple and their three children share two
bedrooms with a connecting Jack and Jill bathroom, creating a fun open
plan to contain them for years to come. The bedroom level is filled with
natural light from huge steel windows, and leads up to a scenic green
roof that stores rainwater and nourishes the garden.” The design scheme
for this Brooklyn home includes texture variety, original lighting units
and surprising pops of color.

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