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Great interiors combination in Stockholm apartment


Located in the heart of Gamla Stan a Old Town part historic city of Stockholm is this beautiful and vibrant modern apartment.
Blending in the local architecture with contemporary design principles offers the very best view of both side of this apartment. Spreading over 112 square meter, two-floor Stockholm apartment is all about great views amalgamated with stylish interiors. You can access the lovely home you with a large hallway that sports a very open design and down the hallway are the cozy main bedroom and a well-organized storage space. The second level houses both the living and the dining areas, which are both sufficiently spacious and ergonomically crafted. Elegance is the key to the success of this Nordic style, while the exposed wooden beams in the top level of the house give it a distinct and bold personality.

The designers wished to bring in a sense of sophistication without taking
away the native ‘Scandinavian’ touch. The use of white for the walls throughout
the apartment ensures that this happens and vivid accents of red, black and
beige in form of décor and furnishings offers the necessary splurge of color
here and there.

Skylights and windows bring in plenty of natural ventilation as even the
refined kitchen blends in with the rest of the apartment. The location of this
place and the contrast it offers to its immediate outdoors is simply a treat to
behold and savor.A perfect balance between a storied past and the exciting