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How to Create the Perfect Home Gaming Room


Converting an area of your home into a gaming room is almost always a fun and fulfilling project, providing you with a new home improvement niche to explore along with an ideal spot to enjoy your favorite games with friends and family. However, a true game room is much more than just a television and game console stacked against the wall of a bedroom. If that were the case, then anyone with a console could say that they have a game room. If your goal is to create a room that is tailored specifically to accommodate a wide variety of games, start with some of the tips below:

1. Consider Measurements and Preferences

First, you’ll want to measure the total area of the room you’re going to be using, and then consider how you’ll arrange components within the defined space. The main objective is to leave a large open space in front of the primary display so that players can stand up and engage in motion sensing/physical activity games. Of course, in a very large room, you won’t have to be so picky about this step, but effective space allocation is crucial in smaller recreation rooms.

2. Throw in Gaming Chairs and Bean Bags for Comfort

Now that you have the layout and design of the room taken care of, it’s important to consider seating arrangements. Some designers will opt for fixed theatre-like seating rows. However, generally for home game room purposes, it’s best to go with a more flexible and ergonomic setup. Bean bag chairs and rocker gaming chairs are easy to move around as desired, and they provide the right cushioning and posture to facilitate comfortable gaming for hours on end. Plus, whether you’re gaming the entire time or browsing the web for pajama jeans reviews, you’ll feel cozy enough to spend a whole day in your new game room.

Multiple Display Options

Having a single large display is always the default option, but why not have a projector handy as well? Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have one or even a few smaller monitors laying around as secondary displays when you want to have a more up-close private gaming session and don’t want to be positioned 5-10 feet away from a 50-inch TV.

Wireless Controllers

Having a slew of wires descending from your entertainment system is definitely not an optimal situation, which is why wireless controllers are practically essential in any modern game room. You may want to consider upgrading to wireless controllers with extended range capabilities.

Don’t Forget Arcade Additions

Finally, even though video games have taken over contemporary gaming, board and arcades games still a have their place in a well-balanced gaming room. Some quick ideas you might want to consider would be a pool table, darts, air hockey, table football, chess/checkers board and table, arcade basketball, or laser shooting system. Of course, the included components will be up to your personal preference, but it’s best to try to diversify the game room as much as possible while also leaving sufficient open space.

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