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Ideas For Designing The Ultimate Garden Man Cave


Men love sheds. It is a common trait in most of the species. The desire to possess a structure that they can control and command goes back to the days when we lived in caves. It is a primitive desire that they will probably never evolve past. Before you start to cast ridicule on shed lovers, remember that they lost control of their homes when they started a family. Their marvelous outbuilding has become the last bastion. Besides, it gets them out of the house.
If you are a man and find yourself in the same position, I have some sound advice that will help you to design and build an exciting man cave in your garden. Because anything goes out there, the project isn’t as difficult as you might think. The only limitation is your imagination and your wife’s opinion.

To begin with, I suggest you find some plans on how to build a storage shed, and adapt them to your needs. You will find many resources online for them, and they might inspire you to create something that never crossed your mind.

I advise you to use tongue and groove cladding for the walls. Shiplap is ideal because it is shaped to allow water to run off. That will help to keep damp out of the timber and prolong the life of the structure. The next decision is whether to build a flat or pitched roof. I can tell you from experience that a flat roof is an easy option, but it doesn’t give the building character. You probably spent a lot of time and energy perfecting the interior design of the main house, and you need to make the shed look special too. The roof design can set your building apart from the rest.

The best designs feature an area of decking where you can sit and enjoy the sunshine or relax in the evenings with a beer. It is a space where you can share time with the rest of your family. A steel balustrade with clear glass panels will give a modern twist to the traditional structure.

The features to include in your man cave are a personal choice. Many people enjoy turning theirs into a miniature pub complete with a hardwood bar and beer on tap. If you were to go for that option, I suggest that you install a laminate floor and clad the walls internally. That will make it look more like the real thing. You will need at least one table and a few chairs where you can entertain your guests.

You might decide to turn your cave into a hobby room. I have seen some fantastic designs where the owner has created an observatory from which they can view the stars and planets. Some of the workshops are masterpieces too. They are equipped to build scale models, or feature all of the tools and machinery needed to churn out furniture in wood.

I guess you must find inspiration to create an exciting structure that if functional and aesthetically pleasing. It should not detract from your beautiful home. That is easier said than done, but I’m sure you are up to the job. What goes on inside it is up to you!

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