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Inspiring from a bar where you can experience Toronto’s night life


Bar Raval Toronto designed by PArtisans as a surreal and sensational stage for
chef Grant van Gameren and renowned mixologist Mike Webster
to showcase their skills and wow their customers, much like the
interior of the bar itself!
It truly is a place where you see and experience Toronto’s night life in an entirely different light! Crafted from sculpted mahogany, the bar
transports you into an entirely different world that is draped in wood
and metal, and brings together the compositional beauty of the
contemporary world with the eclectic charm of Spanish Art Nouveau. And
it does so in a truly magnificent manner!

Computer-driven patterns were mimicked using wood that seems to
twist, turn and flow, shaping a backdrop that comes alive thanks to
brilliant lighting. Spread across 1,980 square feet, the
various pieces that shape the interior were inspired by an ingenious
fusion of “formal histories of art nouveau, the plethora of cured slabs
of meat, and the anatomy of the chefs themselves: a tattooed muscle
bound group of intellectuals”. If that is not interesting enough, the
fluidity of the design along with an interesting play between light and
shadows takes the entire ambiance to a whole new level.