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Inspiring from the office design of advertising company


 Leo Burnett is well-known as an advertising company which had significant office design. Their new office in Moscow, Russia was designed by the practice of Nefa Architects
in 2014 to represent the signature style of the brand.
The designer Maria Yasko explained the thinking process and said that
“the idea to use glasses as the central expressive feature of this
space was not born at once” and they considered the stars and apples
since they represent the company.

The legacy of the company was brought into the design through the
period features evoking the Chicago of 1935 and the office spaces were
thought of as modern art galleries with glasses integrated into the
space as artistic features as well as organizing the overall layout in
an original manner.
The resulting project is meant to be adaptable and to change in time,
so that it may get additional slogans or color spots in the future
while still maintaining the core ideas.