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Japanese style and culture in a bar in Spain


In Valencia, Spain, there is a bar with Japanese style and culture. This architect was designed by the  Masquespacio architectural practice after a study of the Japanese
culture and the origin of sushi so that the designers would properly
understand the purpose of the interior.

The project has the name Nozomi which means a ‘Japanese high speed
bullet train” as well as a “fulfilled dream”, both of the significances
being relevant to the owners Jose Miguel Herrera and Nuria Morell since
the project combines the relevant elements of classical design with the
practical and rational features of contemporary style.

The bar spreads over a surface of 233 square meters with a
combination of concrete on the ceilings, walls and floors blended with
carpentry and warm natural wood. A central cube creates two corridors
toward the central lounge to host decorative elements as well as the
warehouse and bathrooms and it allows an open flow. The modules reflect a
typical street in a Japanese village and thus they represent a market
or pharmacy, while the rooftops are more contemporary, with the usual

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