Home Apartments Look at the interior apartment design of Elias Rizo Arquitectos

Look at the interior apartment design of Elias Rizo Arquitectos


According to the demand of customer, Elias Rizo Arquitectos had especially envisioned  Casa SE for a family of four adults. 
According to the architects, the residence is
structured on two levels, with the first floor encompassing the public
areas of the house, and the second floor containing the dormitories and
various terraces. The main façade of the building is relatively shut
(notice the large metal screen) and includes a wide gate that grants
vehicular access, as well as a pedestrian entryway. The opposite side of
the building opens up towards an inner courtyard through large expanses
of glass.

The interior layout is flexible and each room has its own special dialog with the outdoors: “The entry foyer leads to a small studio, and reveals a path of access towards the public cluster located on the first floor, which includes the kitchen, living, and dining areas. The second floor includes four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom, a TV room and a series of elevated terraces that serve each room privately. Vertical circulation between the two levels is granted through a stair that is conveniently located at the central area of the house.” The main materials employed in the design (marble, wood and gray plaster) redirect attention towards the fresh colors beyond the windows.