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Luxurious interior restaurant design in Paris by Tom Dixon


The British designer Tom Dixon has designed the interior of
restaurant names Eclectic in Paris. This restaurant interior design is
the combination of raw and industrial materials such as concrete with
gentler textures like leather, marble or brass for the details.
project was commissioned by Fabienne and Philippe Amzalak and it is the
first flagship interior created by the Design Research Studio of Tom
Dixon in France. The project is in the Beaugrenelle Centre which is a
redesign of a shopping mall which was originally opened in 1978 with an
aesthetic that aims to be homage of the Brutalist style of the era.

 Due to the setting, the designer wanted to make the restaurant integrated into the modernist tone surrounding it and the technical areas were left exposed with concrete as the main material providing its texture whenever possible, through the floors, columns and ceiling combined with waxed surfaces or warm brass panels.

 The geometric shapes used
during Brutalism find their way in the hexagonal wall panels and the
furniture created various environments with inverted conical tops on the
tables, rounded sinks in the bathrooms or the angular podium at the