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Luxury, comfort and functionality in minimalist apartment by Nico van der Meulen Architects


Luxury, comfort and functionality in a minimalist architectural setting are what we can can encapsulate the latest contemporary residence from Nico van der Meulen Architects.
The clients approached Nico van der
Meulen Architects with the modest single storey pitched roof house. In the beginning,  limited view and access to the garden resulted in the rooms being dark. The client’s main request transform this house into a light-filled open plan contemporary home. After this transforming, every rooms has been naturally lit.

A framework of steel columns and beams surround the entrance while louvered planes conceal the four garages and floating roofs. Upon arrival, a suspended steel framed cube hovers in mid air while the frameless glass pivot door welcomes you into a minimalist yet homely entrance hall. Replacing the existing tiled roof with a floating flat roof resulted in the living rooms being instantly illuminated, while a raised passage roof lets in north light, not only into the passage, but also into the guest bedroom on the south side of the house where an atrium allows morning sun into the bathroom and ventilates the suite safely and naturally.

The threshold between inside and outside becomes convincingly invisible when all the sliding doors are open, conveniently allowing for interaction between the open plan kitchen, lounge, family room and lanai. The lanai overlooks both swimming pool and water feature creating a contemporary landscape to compliment this modern home.