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Making a Small, Condo Sized Kitchen work – Even include an Island


It’s no secret that Chicago has a housing shortage. This is an ongoing trend in cities all across North America. Nearly 84 per cent of condos listed by the developers are averaging a selling point of $1 million. Because  of this market it is important to take advantage of the space that you do have. Many condo-owners are trying to use their space to it’s fullest potential so that they don’t have to undergo the painful process of finding a new place.

Custom Made

Many condo owners do not initially think about getting kitchen custom cabinets made for their home. This can actually be a really smart move because it is made with your needs and space in mind. Custom made cabinets means that the cabinets are made to fit the room rather that trying to get store-bought ones to tetris into the kitchen. After all, the goal is to not let any space go to waste, and trying to make cabinets fit often results in exactly that. Custom made will allow you to take advantage of height if the length of the space is limited. They will also be able to adjust for depth and other considerations. Not to mention that you will be able to choose the exact style, material, and colour that you want. No one else will be able to get the same ones either, which is always an added bonus. There are plenty of reasonably-priced companies available, but in the end it will always be less expensive than moving somewhere else for a larger kitchen.

Hire a Professional

Another option is to hire a professional to help you remodel your kitchen depending on the extent of your remodelling. THey will have all the tricks from experience to help you find every cubic centimetre of space within your kitchen. They will help you find a way for it to be workable while maximizing storage potential. Hiring a professional in this area will be worth the investment in the long run.

Adding an Island

This might not seem to make sense at first since we’re talking about small kitchens. THey take up floor space and run the risk of making the whole kitchen more cluttered. But there are a lot of benefits which can outweigh the concerns. The first and foremost is that they offer more surface space to both work on, store items, and can even be used as a table to eat at. The trick is finding one that actually works for your unique space. The first thing to do if you are debating an island is to measure the dimensions of what you would be able to use. Many people picture a giant block of counters when talking about islands, but the truth is that they come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The storage that many offer below the surface is a bonus for many people, but a table-island will also make the whole kitchen look lighter and less cluttered than it would otherwise. Just keep in mind what your needs are. An important note to remember though, is that a good guideline to follow is keeping 3 feet between any two fixed items. Otherwise the path might be tight and difficult to navigate.

Smart Seating

There are a lot of options available for seating that doubles as storage. This can include anything from benches to stools, all you need to do is hunt a little for it. These seats are great for storing kitchen appliances and items which are not used very often, or other little odds and ends in the kitchen. It is important to get as much storage space as possible because lack of storage is ultimately what makes a space look cluttered. It will also be easier to keep things organized. They come at a wide range of prices, so there will be something for every budget. This is just another great item worth investing in.

Get Creative

Necessity is the mother of creativity, or so the saying goes. It is most definitely in this case. No one knows your home better than you do, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your ideas to figure out what will work. Don’t be afraid to hang pots and pans on the walls to store them, or get a rack to hang them from the ceiling for instance. This frees up valuable cabinet space while also adding to the style of the kitchen.