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Modern interior in living space and working area


In the collaboration between a living space and a working area, the Craft Design studio led by Hugo D’Enjoy and Armando
Elias has created a space with modern interior to serve their clients. 
Located in Camden, London, England the space was used as an office
space at first and the designers found a way to maximize the space
available through the use of a single volume with services accommodated
in it. Aside from this area there is a mezzanine which is reached through an
integrated staircase to the rest and this area offers extra storage
space and a place for sleeping and working while also overlooking the
entire living area.

The height of the wall on this side is 4.5 meters
and it is completely covered with shelves to become the main storage
area of the house. The living area has an open plan integrating the kitchen, dining
area, storage and bathroom while also giving access to the mezzanine
above with the working and sleeping area.