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Office design by Sheppard Robson in Masdar City


 Located in Masdar city, Abu Dhabi, , United Arab Emirates, United
Arab Emirates is an exemplary new benchmark for the office buildings in
the Middle East with optimized technology for the most sustainable
structure possible.

Spread over a surface of 22800
square meters with a new public plaza below, the plaza it is one of the
first in the region to be awarded the LEED Platinum standard for
sustainability due to its combination of parametric analysis with
traditional construction techniques provided a more compact shape with
less material needed. The plaza ensures pedestrian movement through the
interior to connect the public spaces with several external rooms and
retail units as well as two completely glazed office areas acting as
reception spaces. The interior structure is insulated to reduce the
thermal conductivity with an aluminum shading system to minimize the
solar gain while permitting sufficient natural light to pass inside.

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