Home Architecture One more great house design from ando-studio

One more great house design from ando-studio


Many people believe that design a house is extremely difficult task. This mission not only requires the sense of art, the knowledge of architecture but also passion.
Despite of these requirements, you can still make ideas to design your home. Before or even if you decide to rent a architect design your home, you should search information and home design ideas both in internet and real life. Every day, we publish many home design ideas on this page with hope that we can help you find and take hints and ideas for your house. Today, we want to give you an industrial loft- one more great work by ando-studio. Inspired!

The architecture of this house said that: “Started from our desire to create an interior design and free feeling of open space, eclectic and cluttered the usual format of standard simulations. Amount of detail in the project is large and aims to provide an authentic look of a loft that has life, movement and continuity. As we love art and design we wanted that space will be filled with books, artwork and photos. Selected light morning light flooding is no sun coming through”.