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Original Tips For Creating A Modern Living Area


Creating a contemporary living space is something of an art form. The ability to envision a space that is at once modern, yet classic is quite a skill. Many designers have yet to master the art and go too extreme when they opt for a modern design. Of course, it is easy to create a cold, sterile contemporary look. When many people think about modern homes, they imagine futuristic designs made of steel and plastic. The last thing that you want is for your home to end up looking like a spaceship. Your living space is where you relax and unwind with your family. You want it to appear modern, yet still offer the base home comforts that any living space would. Here are some original design tips to help you to create a modern living area.

Work With Natural Materials

There is currently a trend amongst designers of incorporating natural materials into their designs. There was a time when doing so would have been a design faux pas, but now the done thing is to use natural material in contemporary homes. For example, if many of the items within your home are timber, don’t bother trying to hide this fact. Having exposed wood and brick within the home will make the space look modern and luxurious. The look is reminiscent of a country lodge and looks astounding when it is a success.

Statement Pieces

As the rest of your home d├ęcor is simplistic, you have the option to work with statement pieces in your living area. Statement pieces can be anything from an exposed fireplace to a quirky table. Remember, because you are keeping things minimal, you can afford to take risks with your statement pieces. Take the time to consider what will work within your home. It might be a large piece of art or a natural architectural feature that you choose to expose.

Make Use Of Natural Light

Use naturallighting to your advantage to make rooms look large. Natural light can make a room look spacious and clean. Curtains are old-fashioned and will make the room look frumpy. Instead, invest in some blinds for an ultra-contemporary look in your home. Super Blinds Mart sells roller blinds in Sydney NSW, which are ideal. You should opt for blinds that have a slim pole, so that they are almost invisible when you tuck them away. Remember, your windows are a feature, and you should have them exposed more often than your hide them away.

Clutter-Free Surfaces

In a contemporary living space, there is just no room for clutter. You want to opt for a minimal design style, which means the fewer things you have in your home, the better it will look. Get rid of ornaments, family pictures and stray books from surfaces. Use clever storage tips to hide away pieces that make the room look untidy. A clutter-free environment looks much cooler than a messy room. If you have trouble getting rid of things out of sentimentality, enlist the help of a friend to tell you what to discard and what to keep.

Gadgets And Technology
Keep expensive gadgets to a minimal. Often people confuse something being modern with something being flashy. You don’t need to fill your home with every gadget under the sun for it to look contemporary; quite the opposite, in fact. You should aim to have just a few gadgets in your home, rather than buying many things that you don’t need. When people walk into a room full of gadgets, they might think that it looks tacky. Of course, you need the basics, such as a TV and computer. If you can find places to store these away, though, it will make your room look much more stylish.

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