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Reclaim Your Outdoor Space This Winter


When the weather turns colder, our natural response is to hunker down and hibernate, and all too often our gardens get neglected. We spend so much time and money creating the perfect space for spring and summer, that when autumn rolls around it can feel like our efforts have been wasted.

However, falling leaves and bare branches can be just as beautiful as a lush green lawn, so there is much enjoyment to be had outdoors during this colder season. So don’t let the mulch of wet leaves and the blustery winds keep you indoors. Instead, embrace the change of the weather and make the most of your outside space. Here are five ways you can reclaim your garden this season.

Add Attractive Features

Most people give their gardens a makeover in the spring, but why wait until then? Invest in some overalls to keep you warm, and get to work. Creating an inviting outdoor space will encourage you to spend more time out there on crisp, sunny days. Plus, come summer, all the hard work will already be done, and your plants can thrive. Consider adding some fence panels to shelter your outdoor area from the harsher weather, and to give the space a more finished look. Garden Trellis Company creates bespoke joinery and also offers a range of premade panels.

Help Wildlife

Instead of pruning your garden, use your space to help wildlife this winter. Rather than cutting back your unruly and bushes and collecting stray logs, allow them to provide cover for hibernating hedgehogs and other creatures. Similarly, a compost heap is the ideal habitat for toads, slowworms, and even grass snakes, so resist the urge to tidy up and embrace the mess.

Get Warm

Winters can turn wet and miserable, but temperatures in recent years have still been relatively mild. Throughout the autumn months, sunny days should create a warm enough garden to spend time in, but what about the evenings? Sharing a glass of wine or a steaming mug of hot chocolate outdoors makes for the perfect night, so don’t let the cold deter you. Treat yourself to a patio heater or fire pit, grab some blankets, and enjoy a cozy garden all year round.

Add a Covered Seat

Adding a covered seat to your garden will provide a great relaxation space all year round. During fall and winter, you can retreat to your chair and watch the rain fall without getting wet, and come summer you will have a shady reading spot. For added comfort, invest in a seat pad and some outdoor cushions.

Plant Winter Flowers

The best way to keep your garden looking cheery this season is by adding winter plants that will thrive even in cooler temperatures. The Algerian iris, for example, flowers between November and March, whereas the 17 Narcissus (a tiny, sun-loving daffodil) will bloom just in time for Christmas. If you’re worried about keeping plants alive in a harsh climate, or you don’t have space for planting beds or pots, invest in some artificial greenery to give your garden or courtyard an aesthetic boost.

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