Home Bedroom Renovating your bedroom with popular trends in 2014

Renovating your bedroom with popular trends in 2014


The bedroom is generally considered as one of the most important rooms of the house where we spend the most time for sleeping and relaxing.
Today, Home Design Love is pleasure to introduce you our new collection of 9 bedroom trends that are very popular in 2014

1. Bedroom with Hotel Influence

Presenting a fantastic combination of a large roomy bed with a sumptuous, elegant headboard and practical features like bedside lighting, table, chairs and generous glass windows inviting natural light, this luxurious bedroom by Michael Abrams offers the owners the hotel atmosphere.

2. Rustic Bedroom

Structured with natural materials and gentle colors, this Australian bedroom by Capital Building displays a rustic, rugged and original design which adds a raw and inviting touch to the room.

3. Make Your Bedroom More Eye-catching with Tartan

Mingling two well-liked trends within the same bedroom may be an interesting suggestion. Designed with an appealing mix of a natural, rustic style with another tartan, the bedroom from Well Built Co brings its owners a charming sleeping area with soft furnishings, pillows, bed coverings and curtains.

4. Bedroom in Gray, Black and White

Elegant, contemporary and glamorous, the bedroom by Orange Coast presents a perfect balance of grays, blacks and whites which are rolling back into each other like the greens of a forest fold back into each green. Now, take a look and see how tasteful the bedroom is!

5. Bedroom with A Burst of Blue

Featuring a classy and stylish design with a burst of blue, the bedroom brings the owners the feelings of peace and elegance. Visualized by Plum Interiors, the bedroom is a fascinating complex of soft pastel sky blues, navy, brilliant blue to electric turquoise, which are all very fashionable and in an exciting interplay.

6. Use Floral Wall Art to Decorate Bedroom

By Juliana Lahoz

Using exquisite and glamorous floral wall art can be an effective way to embellish your beloved bedroom. Why don’t you employ a large wall painting or print to bring the natural beauty of flowers into the bedroom?

By Svoya Studio

7. Moroccan Accents Refreshing Bedroom

By artistically employing Moroccan patterns on canvas prints, puffs, curtains, sheers, bed and upholstery coverings, 8 Point 8 Design created a stylish and original bedroom that offers the owners maximum effect for time invested.

8. Radiant Orchid Bedroom 

Designed by Company C, this radiant orchid bedroom is rich and vibrant with life. The radiant orchid color of the bedroom plays an active role in energizing the owners and pleasing their emotional heart strings as well as their mental faculties.

9. Bedroom Employing Natural Materials 

Known as an inspiring work of Murphy Code Design, this comfortable bedroom showcases a clever mix of natural tones, wood elements, metals, stone and brick. By cleverly using natural tongue and groove wooden panels, brick or brick veneer for walls, the designers was successful in converting the owners’ old bedroom into a modern, spacious and welcoming sleeping area.